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Knotz   welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BeBzie   Good M8!
[A] GibbinsIts almost time

The steam summer sale is here.
Are you ready for a miracle?
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[A] elastikspastik
Playernknown's Battleground - A Musical Montage
Just a little montage I put together of Playerunknown's Batt...
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BeBzie   wow !
Knotz   wooow!!!
Prof_ZetaAnnnnnd GTA V just killed it's modding fan base. now it´s only the REAL Cheaters and hacks that'll flourish in online mode
Take Two vs. Modding - OpenIV
Page 1 of 7 - Take Two vs. Modding - posted in OpenIV: We feared that this day would come...
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[A] Gibbins   [link]
[A] Gibbins   one of the big hacks for GTA has been taken down too
Prof_Zeta   More Hack services will just surface taking their place. Maybe allow modding for Single player but target the hacker services instead. single player wasn't hurting nobody
[A] GibbinsThursdays game is looking to be Garrys Mod!
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[F] ShaffyAll the latest E3 trailers. Some really good games coming this year and tbh a really good console.
YouTube Gaming
Connect to a world of gamers with the broadest mix of games, videos, and live streams all in one place.
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[A] elastikspastik   Most I'm looking forward to is Battlefront 2 and Anthem.
RaptueCity   Battlefront 2, Anthem, Days Gone, God of War, Sea of Thieves looks like an amazing games night game
[A] elastikspastik   I would have said Days Gone too as it does look awesome, but I don't own a PS.
[A] elastikspastikSeason 3 Finale!
The Walking Dead New Frontier - Season 3 Episode 5 - From Th...
Episode 5 - From The Gallows - Season Finale Javier and the ...
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[A] Gibbins   AWESOME
[A] elastikspastik   Nobody plays it anymore do they?
[A] Gibbins   if you can get a good group of people and have a laugh on it, still great fun
GazzmanI'm thinking of doing my own Altis Life Server again with a German friend which is good with script writing and coding AND i found all my back up files which i thought i lost the last time I ran the Altis Life Server.

Whats everyone's thoughts on this?
[A] elastikspastik   Im a gamer for life but 5 years is a long time, and a lot of other games will be out by then and possibly another ARMA. ARMA 3 will more than likely be done with by then.
[A] scotty38886   5FUCKING YEARS?!?!?!?!?!?!
[F] Shaffy   Only thing I'm certain of for 5 years time is that Gaz will still be a virgin :d
KnotzHey guys, it looks like the new Gunrunning update for GTA 5 is coming on 12/13th of June. Who is up for checking this update out when it launches to see what its like and maybe look into playing it for events/game nights?

For what ive seen from the update so far, maybe its an idea for a next event, to split up into two (or more) groups and wage some war against each other (or other ppl) Theres probably a lot more stuff that we can come up with.
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BeBzie   Hooohaaaaah
Gazzman   Sounds like fun!
[A] Gibbins   sounds great fun to me!
[A] GibbinsGreat turn out tonight guys, was a great laugh!
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[A] GibbinsGame Nights now on the Calender, Every Sunday and Thursday .. Apart ffrom this week which is on a wednesday
Knotz   For those who don't visit the website regularly, maybe put the date of the coming games night(s) next to name of the games night channel on TS.
[F] Shaffy   That's a really good idea #knotzforadmin
[A] Gibbins   It will be posted from tonight and renamed the Next Games Night channel, but i am trying to promote website activity by leaving it just on the website
[A] GibbinsOnce again, no turn out
BeBzie   dont need to mention negative outcome. Will be fine next time........
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