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SaberTooth Gaming  -  Welcome to SBT!
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Sabertooth Gaming (SBT) is a well-established PC multi-gaming community with experience in MMOs, FPSs, RTSs, PvP and PvE where members can build lasting friendships in a fun, active and organized environment. Since we started well over a 3 years ago, we range from casual family players to dedicated hardcore PvPers with a full roster of both mature and respectful members. Founded upon a higher set of standards the members of the Sabertooth Gaming always show good spirit, positivity, and have a great sense of humour. While games come and go, and so many of the "hardcore" guilds crumble around us we are always in a continual state of growth and the word “guild” has simply become too small to describe us, we are a community!

We are an active European community of PC gamers. We started a year ago and now have members from various countries across Europe. SBT strives to have active servers with active admins. We are an easy going and play-for-fun clan, and although we're play-for-fun, We are also quite competitive. SBT organizes all kind of events! Ranging from in house matches to matches against other clans. We also host are own server so we can arrange the build of any game server requested by members (where possible)

This is what we offer our members:
- Active servers
- Active Teamspeak
- Active Website
- Monthly Game give aways!
- A dedicated Community
- Friendly, positive gaming atmosphere against players
- All sort of events.

Our rules
We have some basic rules that apply to everyone who is involved with our community;
1. Be respectful at all times to other members in the community and players in our servers
2. You MUST wear the SBT clan tag at ALL times
3. Be active on the servers, forums and in our TS
4. Take part in events and play alongside your squad mates in game.
5. Lastly, enjoy and have fun!

PLEASE NOTE to be able to join us you should be;
- Of the minimum age of 18 or show exceptional levels of maturity (under 18 considered based on maturity and a short trial period)
- In possession of a Headset and TS
- Able to speak English as we are an English speaking community, but if you do struggle - don't worry as we will help you as MUCH as possible!(even a basic grasp is sufficient.)

If you're looking for a community, which is comprised of solid and reliable members, who have simple and clear rules/guidelines - and you're interested in fun events plus matches, then we're the community for you!

We also offer our members the opportunity to be a bigger part of the community, allowing you to bring your skills outside of gaming to the community, for example if you are talented graphically or administratively then we want you.